History assignment – short essay -read and analyze chapter


You will read and analyze an assigned chapter in the textbook  (chapter 9) to examine how the four analytical concepts (mobility, democracy, difference and capitalism) are used to frame the discussion in the assigned chapter. 




Each individual will identify a minimum of three areas in the chapter that coincide with each theme.  In about 1-2 paragraphs, identify 3 concepts from these 4: mobility, democracy, difference and capitalism . that you see illustrated in some way from chapter 9. Explain in 1-2 sentences each how you think that concept is illustrated in chapter 9 and how the text uses that concept to frame the overreaching argument or point(s) of the chapter. Example:  The formation of the Democratic party is an example of democracy. The writer of the text uses this concept to make this point (explain) about American history…etc.


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