Health information technology and systems

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 Imagine you are the chief information officer (CIO) for your local healthcare organization. Your board of directors is very interested about the activities you manage on a daily basis. They sent a list of questions they would like you to present on during the upcoming board meeting scheduled for Tuesday evening. Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation that covers the following components:

  1. title slide,

 2. compare and contrast the varying filing systems (one-two slides), 

3. identify and describe three types of computer storage systems (one slide),

 4. explain when it is acceptable to destroy a medical record (one slide), 

5. explain when it is not acceptable to destroy a medical record (one slide), 

6. explain why a medical record must be retained for your healthcare organization (one slide), 

7. describe disaster planning and two different events your department should plan for (one-two slides), 

8. develop a conclusion slide, and 

9. include a reference slide with at least one outside source, not counting the textbook, in APA format.