Health care law and legislation week 5

 Health Care Law and Legislation:   Week 5

Legal Reporting Requirement: Chapters 16 to 19

Objective: To provides an overview of a variety of health care reporting requirement mandated by both federal and state regulatory agencies.  


Legal Reporting Requirement. For this assignment, you will Create, describe, Organize, analyze and, present a Legal report of your choosing from chapter 17. Most U.S. states have enacted mandatory reporting laws, which require the reporting of specified injuries and wounds and in some cases, suspected abuse or domestic violence for individuals being treated by a health care professional. 

Most states have legislated a variety of mandatory reporting requirement including child abuse. Elder abuse, adverse drug reactions, hospital acquired infections, financial fraud, communicable diseases, birth and death, and incident reporting. 

The laws vary from state-to-state, but generally fall into four categories:

A. States that require reporting of injuries caused by weapons;

B. States that mandate reporting for injuries caused in violation of criminal laws, as a result of violence, or through non-accidental means;

C. States that specifically address reporting in domestic violence cases; and

D. States that have no general mandatory reporting laws.

The paper will be 4-5 pages long. More information and due date will provide in the Fifth Week assignments link.



1. Introduction (30%) Provide a short-lived outline of the meaning (not a description) of Chapter 17 and articles you read, in your own words.

2. Your Legal Report (50%)

a. Objectives of the report

b. Procedures to report the incident

c. Documentation and reporting requirements.

d. Law and Legislation Categories.

e. Failure to report and consequences. 

3. Conclusion (20%)

Quickly recapitulate your thoughts & statement to your critique of the articles and Chapter you read. How did these articles and Chapters impact your thoughts about Health care reporting requirements? 

Evaluation will be based on how clearly you respond to the above, in particular:

a) The precision with which you analyses the articles;

b) The complexity, possibility, and organization of your paper; and,

c) Your conclusions, including a description of the impact of these articles and Chapters on any Health Care Setting.


The assignment is to be electronically posted no later than noon on Saturday, June 1, 2019. 

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