Final analytical memo | Sociology homework help

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  Your final analytical memo must be between 4-5 double spaced pages, no more no less, not including your works cited page. It must include an analysis of a film that relates to cumulative course themes of intersectionality, structural oppression, marginalized resilience, and sexual inequalities as they related to societal structures and institutional inequalities as well as personal reflection. This is your opportunity to reflect on all of your readings and critical reflections to think about what you’ve learned throughout the course and apply your own areas of interest to concepts and ideas studied in this course, through a film analysis. Students should cite at least 4 relevant outside sources in addition to the student-selected film and class material/textbook to support your analysis. You must use the required formatting guidelines for all written submissions listed below for this course.

typed, 12 point font, Times New Roman, Microsoft Word Document (.doc/.docx), double-spaced,  1-inch margins, ASA format (for in-text citations AND references), page numbers (on the bottom right) , as well as a creative/unique title (for each entry, written in bold, centered at the top of the essay.)

The link to the film is here:

The link to the textbook is here: