Ethics of counseling (aacc code of ethics)

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Please Answer Ethics of Counseling Questions from the text book attached below.

1. Describe ES1-740-e: (Educators and Supervisors Do Not Provide Counseling) Explain why educators and supervisors who teach students for counseling do not take on the counselings for their own students? What is the real issue here? Why is this forbidden? Does AACC Code of Ethics require you to have a supervisor/supervision in order to have counseling practice? (Answer these four questions) 

2. Describe ES1-890-a through j: (Ethical Standards for Christian Counseling Researchers). Briefly describe and highlight each (“a through j”) items in ES1-890. Among these items, what are the most essentials in the ethical standards for Christian counseling research? Why do you think so? Explain. (Answer these three questions) 

3. Describe ES3-100: (Third-party Payers and Managed Care Entities) – Write down all problems can arise between Christian counselors and managed care system. What are the problems? What is the responsible action for Christian counselors? (Answer all three questions) 

4. Describe ES4-000 and ES4-110: (Definitions and Role of Pastors and Pastoral Counselors & The Lay Caregiver and Non-ordained Ministers). Describe the definition of Pastoral Counselors. How are they different from other regular counselors? Describe the difference between a lay caregiver and non-ordained ministers and pastoral counselors. What is your view on these categories of the counselors? (Answer all four questions) 

5. Describe ES5-000: (Base Standards for Ethical Conflict Resolution). What is the base rules for resolving Ethical-Legal conflicts? What is ethical-legal conflicts? Explain ES5-030 when conflicts cannot be harmonized, what does Christian counselors to do? Do you agree/disagree with the AACC Code of Ethics? Explain (Answer all four questions)