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* Provide an example of a hypothetical study that would use a one-way between-subjects ANOVA. Be sure to describe the different groups, conditions, and hypotheses involved. What would the null be and does successful rejection indicate a mean significantly different from every other mean? How would you decide on the necessary sample size (one which provides adequate statistical power)?State two common post hoc procedures for the comparison of means in an ANOVA. How do these differ from planned contrasts? *Given a situation where a researcher intends to demonstrate that a treatment variable will have a significant difference on outcomes, which would the research want to be larger: MS between or MS within? Explain. 

* For each essay assignment, answer both essay questions using a minimum of 300 words for each essay. A title page (no abstract) and reference page are required. Current APA 7th must be used to cite sources. There must also be 3 references.

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