Environmental scanning on an organization

Write the important information in 3 pages APA paper>> applying academic article, book, chapters<< Resource (attached here, do NOT bring or add outside resource) 

The paper will be including:  

1)  An Introduction to an organization > (Visit Huntington Beach (VHB) is the official Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for Huntington Beach, California) https://www.surfcityusa.com/partner/about-visit-huntington-beach/

2)    a: To conduct an Environmental Scan exactly how it was explained in the given resource  

        EX: Albright’s article, Bolman’s book<<< attached 

        B:  identify the situation in need of attention or to change in the organization the situation is 

        (Mobilizing better team with a common vision to carry out international event with how to deal with 30        different language that address the need of the best communication to make the annual event better in the   future)

Please Read the resource and make the paper understandable and complete on the organization and the enivermontal scan on the given situation only NOT all the scanning 

( 2 days deadline )

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