Emotional intelligence | HUM 6100 | Ashford University


Emotional Intelligence

Read the required materials on emotional intelligence (EQ) and take the EQ assessment.

Do not post your results.

For your initial post to this discussion:

Teach the class: Explain what you have learned about EQ.

Then, expand on the following questions:

  • Did you discover something that you were not aware of before in relation to your own emotional intelligence?
  • How does your emotional intelligence impact (a) your current or future career in human services and (b) your performance in groups?
  • What can you do to continue to improve in this area?

Be sure to cite and reference your work in APA format and respond to at least two other posts by Day 7. Provide your peers with helpful sources that you find online that are intended to help enhance self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Point Value: 5 Points

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