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In the Lesson 5 Assignment, you will read and view the inaugural addresses of FDR, JFK, and Barack Obama. You will examine and evaluate their use of reasoning. Additionally, you will be begin mapping the arguments you will make, using the supporting material developed in Lesson 4, in preparation for the Rhetorical Situation speech activity.


This lesson’s assignment has two parts. Please be sure to complete both parts in a single Word document and submit it to complete the assignment.

Part I: Reasoning in the Inaugural Address

Read and view the inaugural addresses of FDR, JFK, and Barack Obama. Then, answer the following questions in an essay of 600–900 words:

  • Drawing on Chapter 6, what were the general and specific purposes of each of these speeches?
  • Drawing on Chapter 8, identify the types of reasoning used in specific claims to achieve the purposes of each speech. Use and cite the additional readings for this Lesson, as needed, and any outside scholarly sources that can help you make your claims.
    • Identify the claim. If there is more than one claim, just choose one for this exercise.
    • Identify any supporting material used to support the claim.
    • Identify the type of reasoning used to justify the claim and explain how it uses the supporting material to make the claim.

You are expected to use scholarly (peer reviewed) sources in your research. These include academic journals and books. Newspapers, available online, can provide supplemental information, particularly with recent speeches that you will analyze, but only use newspaper articles that were written around the time of the speech; articles written much later tend to be historical appreciations. Many government and non-government agencies no longer publish official reports on paper, but their documents are available online as primary sources. Other webpages, especially social media, blogs, and news aggregators, lack the editorial review oversight that makes published information reliable, useful, and acceptable. Wikipedia can help you orient your academic search, but it is not a scholarly source.

Part II: Supporting Material for Your Rhetorical Situation Speech

You have already completed the Rhetorical Situation Research MemoPreview the documentView in a new window, in which you have identified your purpose, thesis, and supporting evidence. Now, given the claims that you will make in your analysis about the constraints and resources of each element in the Rhetorical Situation, what are the reasoned arguments you can make about the ways the situation shaped the speech that responded to it?

  • Occasion: what argument can you make about the way the event, place, timing, or speaking opportunity shaped the speech?
  • Audience: what argument can you make about the way the beliefs and values, demographics, or shared experience of the audience shaped the speech?
  • Speaker: what argument can you make about the way the reputation, previous statements, background, or social position shaped the speech?
  • Speech: what argument can you make about the way the internal dynamics of argumentation, structure, and language shaped the speech?

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