E3-9 the trial balance for pioneer advertising agency shows the


The trial balance for Pioneer Advertising Agency shows the following:

Trial Balance
October 31, 2012
Debit Credit
Cash $15,200
Advertising Supplies 2,500
Prepaid Insurance 600
Office Equipment 5,000
Notes Payable $5,000
Accounts Payable 2,500
Unearned Revenue 1,200
C.R. Byrd, Capital 10,000
C.R. Byrd, Drawing 500
Service Revenue 10,000
Salaries Expense 4,000
Rent Expense 900


Assume the following adjustment data.

Advertising supplies on hand at October 31 total $500.
Expired insurance for the month is $100.
Depreciation for the month is $50.
Unearned revenue earned in October totals $600.
Services provided but not recorded at October 31 are $300.
Interest accrued at October 31 is $70.
Accrued salaries at October 31 are $1,500.

Prepare the adjusting entries for the items above.

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