Diversity in the urban landscape 2 pages reading review


Reading Reviews: This is a written engagement with the readings submitted online by 12:00 PM, EST. Thursday May.23 2019 . Students are expected to move beyond the simple observations of a reader response in order to grapple with the texts analytically and argue for or against specific claims and evidence in 500 words or more. Choose one of the following 2 options in organizing your Reading Review, and specify your choice clearly in your heading, noting that each option must be chosen at least twice during the quarter. The options are:

Option 1- Summary: Write one short paragraph on each reading, identifying its site, 

perspective, argument, data (if any), evidence, methods, and claims.

Option 2-  

– Compare & Contrast:

Select two or more similar readings and compare and 

contrast their approaches to the same problems, issues, and objects of study.

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