Discussion week 2 | Accounting homework help

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apa format please 

 Each week we will have several discussion topics to ensure you get a good quality original post. PLEASE give more than the textbook answer. Some things to consider – how does this relate to your job? How does this relate to a business that you know about? If you don’t have a job, then try to relate the topic to a business or industry that you are interested in. please see question below —

 Read “Managing Risk in the Book Publishing Industry” on page 83.  How does this compare to the music industry?  How are musicians paid for downloads and streams of their music? Who bears the most risk? Who has the most upside when a song is a hit? How can artists be sure they break even? How can record labels be sure they break even? What are the costs for an artist? What are the costs for a record label? 

please see attached for article – IN BUSINESS , and sample post .