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Option 2: What were your scores for the Value Orientation exercise in this week’s chapter reading? What are your thoughts about your orientation and how it makes you an effective leader? Note: You can take a photo of your results and post them with your initial discussion post.

For this week, I completed Exercise 7-1 Personal Values – What Is Important to You?, (Manning and Curtis, 2019, 114-120).  My scores are as follows;

Theoretical 109

Economic 57

Aesthetic 51

Social 105

Political 67

Religious 31

I am not surprised by the results, and feel they are a reflection of what my Value Orientation has always been.  I know I find my values within the intangible.  Rather than money, influence and power, I seek strong emotional bonds and a higher understanding of the world around me.  It is a struggle for me to utilize these values for effective leadership.  I tend to be a push over.  But, I do function well as a teammate and coworker.  I guess those that I work with see different value than I in some respects. 

While this is how I view myself at this time, I have faith that my abilities as a leader can improve.  Now that I have a clear view of what I bring to the table, I can better “sell” myself as a potential leader. While personal values are regarded as largely a product of early development, people have the ability to purposely adjust in a mindful way.  One way a person can hone their self awareness and apply their personal values to ethical decision making is through formal education.  Conejo and Loyd (2020) state, “Consistent intentional opportunities for exploration and application of professional values in students’ formal education would support early professional values development,” (119).  In short, I am becoming a better leader during this class because of the exposure to the concept and the opportunities to “flex” my leadership potential. 

Thank you,

Jess Gay


 Conejo, T., Loyd, L, (2020, April) Professional values development during baccalaureate nursing degree completion program.  Teaching and Learning in Nursing (15,2) 116-120.

Manning, G. and Curtis, K. (2019). The Art of Leadership. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781260140439/

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