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 “Initial” posts in response to the topic instructions include (1) documentation of factual information to support opinions, including use of assigned readings in responding to questions, (2) demonstrating the ability to synthesize information, critically analyze and elaborate on the course material in a focused and well organized manner, and (3) clearly showing that the post author has made meaning of the material rather than merely reiterating what a published author or classmate has already stated. Posts are a balance of professional dialog style and grounding in scholarly information rather than essay submissions.

Posts are a minimum of 400 words in length, as well as correct spelling and grammar, and contains no texting, slang or other informal conversation style language. There is a YouTube video and two article readings. YouTube link is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0yokAeSPow and articles are below.

Discussion Question 1

Culture and Emotions Exposed as Child/Adult

What cultural ideas and practices related to emotion were you exposed to when you were a child? What cultural ideas and practices related to emotion are you currently exposed to as an adult? How do you think they shape your emotional experiences and expressions?

Discussion Question 2

Culture and Emotion in Work Situations

Imagine you are a manager of a large American company that is beginning to do work in China and Japan. How will you apply your current knowledge about culture and emotion to prevent misunderstandings between you and your Chinese and Japanese employees?

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