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This mid-term test incorporates questions that require you to recall and apply key theory and principles that were introduced in the first half of the module. The test will also assess written communication skills and their ability to integrate different concepts from the module to a specific example. The test is timed and if completed remotely is effectively open book, you should therefore include citations and a list of references to demonstrate research carried out in developing the essays. You must complete ONE question with a guide word count of 1,000 words.

Question 1: The Customer Journey or Lifecycle is helpful in planning how to use channels in marketing communications. Define your understanding of the concept and design a digital multi-channel strategy, identifying touchpoints around a customer journey model appropriate for the purchase and consumption of takeaway pizza. (100 marks/1,000 words)

Question 2: Referring to the RACE model, distinguish the four elements of the model. Evaluate the role of two of those elements. Use examples to contextualise your understanding. (100 marks/1,000 words)





Individual Mid-Term Online Timed Assessment


Knowledge and understanding:

Comprehension of the implications of the question and extensive and accurate knowledge and understanding.

Technical vocabulary used appropriately.




Awareness of underlying theoretical and methodological issues, showing an understanding of how they link to the question.

Critical, analytical argument, demonstrating independent thinking, sensibly structured and supported.

Knowledge of relevant theories and models, demonstrating the ability to be selective in the range of material used, and the capacity to synthesise rather than describe.




No significant grammatical or spelling errors; written/presented clearly and concisely; consistent referencing meeting Westminster Harvard style.