“data entry & report” project . due in 2 days.

 * Your Task:
 Now you will add a data entry form and a report to the database. 

*  Deliverables:
1) A Microsoft Access database that contains your implementation of the data entry form and report.
          a. The data entry form should be saved as Claim Form and the report as Fees per Patient.

*  Background Materials:
( I attached them down)

 * Starter Database:
When starting your project, download the Project II Starter Database . and then add your forms, test data, queries, and reports to this database.  Note I attached them down.


* Data Entry Form:
Panther Memorial has requested that you make a data entry form that enables the data entry of a claim with the following requirements:

  1. Create a data entry form with an appropriate title. Use the Claim table as the record source.
    • Include field numbers: 1, 2, 38-47 (which are in the Claim table).
    • Information related to the subscriber and missing teeth are out of scope.
  2. The patient, billing dentist, and treating dentist will be selected via a dropdown on the form.
  3. Permit the data entry of services that appear on the claim via a subform. Include all fields from the service table in your subform, but do not worry about the including anything from the service tooth table.
  4. Within the services subform, make the procedure a dropdown.
  5. Build a subform that enables the entry of the diagnoses for the claim via a dropdown and the selection of the primary diagnosis.
  6. Add a close command button to your data entry form.
  7. Make sure that your fields are in a logical order, that you align fields, and that form has a professional feel to it.
  8. Add 5 rows of test data to the following tables: Patient, Dentist, Diagnosis, & Procedure. This data will be used to test your dropdowns.
  9. For each patient, add at least 3 claims (15 claims total). Each claim will need to have 1 or more diagnoses and 1-5 rows of related service data.

Panther memorial has requested a report that shows the total amount of fees in the database per patient.

Produce a report that has the following characteristics:

  1. First, create a query that contains the data you wish to display. Then base your report off of that query (set the query as the record source).
  2. The detail section simply lists each patient their individual total amount of fees.
  3. A grand total will be calculated in the footer representing the total amount of fees recorded in the database.
  4. A bar chart in the report footer that shows each patient and a bar representing their total amount of fees recorded in the database.
  5. A bar chart in the report footer that shows each patient and a bar representing their total amount of fees.


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