Critical thinking | Management homework help

In this project,

You will address a case study that intentionally does not give you enough detail for you to quickly resolve the issue. This is meant to enable you to use the processes of critical thinking to reach conclusions. Given the gaps in information provided to you, you will identify what you know, what you don’t know, and what questions you need to ask as you start your investigation of the facts of the case. The process is designed to encourage clear thinking and to help you to identify potential cognitive traps that could derail well-reasoned conclusions.


Your manager Dan visits your office.

“I’m meeting with Carla.

Would you mind joining us for a minute?”

You grab a notepad and pen and follow him.

“Dan and I have been talking about the workplace

dispute in the trust construction department.

Have you heard about it?

It’s a serious situation.

An employee was injured and it could affect our ability

to complete overseas orders.”

“We’ve got the legal department involved,

but we want to make sure we’re looking

at this from all angles.

We need to know what we know and don’t

know about this situation.

More information will help us remedy the current dispute

and develop future market strategies.

Your critical thinking and analytical skills

are going to be key for this assignment.

Write up an analysis and deliver it to me

by the end of the week.”

Let’s get started.

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