Critical essay declaration of independence

Need a critical evaluation essay of  at least 700 words, but no more than 850.  The essay will be on the Declaration of Independence. I have decided the Declaration of Independence was a successful argument  and need to discuss why. You may use the structure of the argument, the tone, and the various types of support (ethos, pathos, and logos) as proof of the argument’s success. Make sure that your thesis has an introduction that contains a hook and a thesis, body paragraphs that discuss one proof at a time (one paragraph per example), and a conclusion. If you decide that the essay is not successful, then discuss the fallacies that the argument makes. You are still required to have a strong introduction (hook and thesis), body paragraphs that discuss one fallacy at a time, and a conclusion. You may also discuss how the essay is successful with reservations. In this case, point to both the support and the fallacies you have found in the work. 

thesis is provided to work off:  

Thomas Jefferson’s official way of stating the separation of Great Britain from the 13 colonies was through the Declaration of Independence, in which he used facts, history, and logic to demand freedom from English rule.  

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