Conduct a personal experiment in renunciation

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Conduct a personal experiment in renunciation — for this option, you will give up meat for at least four days (a week is optimum). and write about it. Make sure to explain its purpose and its roots within the context of eastern traditions, along with other motivating factors. If you choose this option, here is useful info from the Gentle Barn to get you started:


Part of this assignment is then to first watch any two of the following three options:

1. VEGUCATED (Netflix)



4. MEET your MEAT:
These documentaries are for inspiration & information–summarize and say exactly how the documentaries informed and affected you/your work.

Another facet of this assignment is to consult a friend/family member, who is already vegetarian (or vegan), for advice and enlist them as a “support buddy.” Ask them these sorts of questions and include their responses in your work:

-“Why did you become a vegetarian/vegan?”
-“How do you deal with opposition?”
-“What advice do you have for me?”
-“How has it impacted your life?”

Explore, in your write up, these sorts of questions: whether or not you feel you were successful, whether you encountered support or resistance from family and friends, and whether or not you had cravings and how you dealt with them, whether it impacted your worldview and way of looking at animals and food, etc.

*Note: A journal-style entry is acceptable.

*Note: If you’re already vegetarian, you may still choose this option by going all the way vegan!