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Consider a shared Ethernet network with only two computers. Each computer transmits at 10 Mbps10Mbps.

At time t=0t=0, each computer attempts to transmit a packet for the first time, but these packets collide. Computer #1 chooses a back-off time of 0 mini-slots, whereas computer #2 chooses a back-off time of 1 mini-slot.

Here is information that you might need:

  • The length of a mini-slot is equal to the time required to transmit 512 bits.
  • Each packet contains 10,000 bits.
  • A jam signal consists of 32 bits.
  • The propagation delay from each computer to the Ethernet hub is 0.20.2 milliseconds. (A millisecond is 10^{-6}10−6 seconds.)
  • Ignore the time required to sense that the channel is idle.

(a) At what time does each computer know that a collision has occurred?

(b) When does computer #1 retransmit its packet?

(c) When does computer #2 retransmit its packet?

(d) Will the retransmissions from computer #1 and computer #2 collide?

Write your answers for parts (a)-(d) (as well as any diagram or equations use to obtain your answers) on paper, and upload the image here: