Cis discussion question | CIS NAVIGATING DIGITAL TOOLS | Strayer University

With technology changing so fast it’s important to be flexible whenever you meet a new challenge.

Choose one of the following scenarios and explain how you would approach that challenge with flexibility and which tools you would use to get through it.

  1. You’re in the middle of working on your final paper, and your computer suddenly crashes. How do you get your work submitted? 
  2. You’re helping someone with their social media presence on LinkedIn, and they suddenly ask to include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. How do you incorporate these other social media platforms? 
  3. Your kids already have sports events and school events; however, one of your children suddenly catches the flu and needs to go to the doctor. How do you add that to your already overbooked schedule? 
  4. Tickets just opened up for an event on your bucket list! How do you rearrange your life and book travel and accommodations to be able to go?

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