Chlamydia pathophysiology clinical disease. the paper is 6 pages long

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The clinical case paper is designed to provide students an opportunity to apply learned concepts in pathophysiology to real clinical diseases. 

It must include the following components within the paper.

Definition of the disease, general introduction of the disease · Incidence, how wide spread is that disease? Is there any gender, race, regional preference of the disease? Specifics on the Disease, in relation to learned concepts. 

Etiology, Patho-physiological consequences. Relate to physiological concepts learned in class. 

Clinical manifestation, sign and symptoms, of the disease Medical management 

Diagnosis criteria, diagnostic means 

Treatment principles, what are the most common treatment options 

Prognosis, what is the outcome once affected by the disease 

Your first paper should be at least 6 pages long with single space 12 font. Bibliography is not counted as pages of paper. 

You need 10 references and use APA style if you know it.