Children and obesity | Applied Sciences homework help


Study #3 – Children and Obesity (25 pts.)

Students will evaluate an article of their choice to include one or more of the following:

1. Childhood obesity incidence

2. Risk factors to childhood obesity

3. Effects of obesity on children’s health

4. Diet/activity practices of obese children

5. Parental involvement in obesity of their children

6. Case studies of obese children

7. Prevention strategies of obesity in children

8. Lifestyle factors that contribute to childhood obesity

9. Comparison of obesity of children around the world, or just in the U.S.

10 . The role of sugar, fat, etc. in obesity of children

Students will prepare a 2-3 page report to summarize the article and provide opinion regarding the information they evaluate. Prepare a visual aid to accompany the report. This can include pictures, graphs, tables, diet plans, etc. Attach a copy or link of the article to the report.

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