Calculating costing | Accounting homework help

Ontario, Inc. manufactures two products, Standard and Enhanced, and applies overhead on the basis of direct-labor hours. Anticipated overhead and direct-labor time for the upcoming accounting period is $800,000 and 25,000 hours, respectively. Information about the company’s products follows.

  Standard: Enhanced:

Estimated production volume

3,000 units 4,000 units

Direct-material cost

$25 per unit $40 per unit

Direct labor per unit

3 hours at $12 per hour 4 hours at $12 per hour

Ontario’s overhead of $800,000 can be identified with three major activities: order processing ($150,000), machine processing ($560,000), and product inspection ($90,000). These activities are driven by number of orders processed, machine hours worked, and inspection hours, respectively.

Data relevant to these activities follow:

  Orders Processed Machine Hours Worked Inspection Hours


300 18,000 2,000


200 22,000 8,000


500 40,000 10,000

Top management is very concerned about declining profitability despite a healthy increase in sales volume. The decrease in income is especially puzzling because the company recently undertook a massive plant renovation during which new, highly automated machinery was installed—machinery that was expected to produce significant operating efficiencies.

Present your work in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources

You have a stock mutual fund in which you put $3,000 per year

1. You have a stock mutual fund in which you put $3,000 per year. How much will you accumulate in the account in 25 years if the interest rate is 10%?
What if instead you have $4,000 to deposit in the mutual fund earning 10%? If you add $2,000 to that account annually, how much will you have accumulated in 15 years? (Calculate the answer for each option. Show all work.)

2. Dick and Jane have just purchased a house and are calculating how much money they will need when the closing day rolls around. The purchase price is $200,000. They will make a 20% down payment, and they must pay two points on the loan. Closing costs should be 3% of the purchase price. What is the total dollar amount they will need at closing? (Show all work.)

3. Lindsey has a job with monthly take-home pay of $3,500. Using the suggested maximum debt safety ratio, what maximum debt burden per month can she assume? (Show all work.)

4. Joe is purchasing a new truck for $30,000. Joe is making a $2,000 down payment, and he will make 60 monthly payments of $541 each. What are the total finance costs on this loan?

Language disabilities and assistive technology mini-unit plan ( “3 | Special Education

Read the following case study to inform the assignment:

Case Study: April

Grade: 4th

Age: 9

April is a fourth grader with a language impairment, but no physical impairment. Her performance on norm-referenced measures is 1.5 standard deviations below the mean for her chronological age. April has good decoding skills, but has difficulty with reading comprehension, semantics, and morphological processing. One accommodation that is prescribed in the IEP is the use of visual cues to support comprehension when learning new skills. She lacks organizational skills for writing and struggles with word choice. She receives services from a speech and language pathologist who is working with her on understanding word parts, vocabulary, and multiple meanings of words. You instruct April in a resource classroom with five other fourth grade students who also struggle with reading and written expression.

Communication goals in IEP:

  • April will identify at least five key content vocabulary words from an assigned reading using text with Mayer-Johnson symbols in Proloquo2go software and text to speech software with 90% accuracy over 10 consecutive trials.
  • April will write a definition for up to five key content vocabulary words from an assigned reading with 90% accuracy on a rubric over 10 consecutive trials.
  • April will use up to five key content vocabulary words in written sentences that use the word correctly in context, and include correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar with 90% accuracy over 10 consecutive trials.

Part 1: 3 Day Unit Plan

Use the “3 Day Unit Plan Template” located on the College Education site in the Student Success Center to complete this assignment.

Create an English language arts (ELA) unit plan for your resource classroom based on Arizona or your state’s ELA fourth grade literacy standards specific to vocabulary acquisition and use. Include the following in the unit plan:

  • Strategies to enhance students’ language development and communication skills in the Multiple Means of Representation section.
  • Strategies and technologies that encourage student engagement and the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the Multiple Means of Engagement section.

Using details from the case study, address April’s needs in the Differentiation sections of the Multiple Means of Representation, Multiple Means of Engagement, and Multiple Means of Expression.

Specifically, incorporate the following into the unit plan to meet April’s needs:

  • The use of the AAC systems and assistive technologies planned in April’s goal to support her communication and learning.
  • Differentiated formative and summative assessments that measure April’s progress on the IEP goals in Part 1.

Part 2: Rationale

  • Provide a 250-500 word rationale that explains:
  • Why the instructional choices specifically meet April’s needs.
  • How the selected augmentative and alternative communication systems assistive technology used in the lesson plan is appropriate for meeting April’s needs.

Assignment requirements: teaching tool will be a trifold and

 InstructionsCreate a teaching tool to promote breastfeeding. The material created to educate new mothers on breastfeeding will influence the mother’s decision to breastfeed, including duration, based on the quality and content of the teaching.

Assignment RequirementsYour teaching tool will be a trifold and must include this relevant content for a mother considering the risks and benefits of breastfeeding a newborn.

  • Explain how breast milk is formed in the mammary glands and the physiology of breast milk
  • Include two 2020 National Health Goals related to newborn nutrition to support breast feeding as the best choice. See the link below:
  • Discuss the advantages of breastfeeding related to immunities transferred to the newborn
  • Describe three additional benefits of breast feeding with supporting rationales
  • Include at least two supporting resources
  • Document must be written

Joes fly-by-night oil | Accounting homework help

Prepare a graph of sales and net income for the years 2008 – 2011. For the
purposes of this exercise, assume the following historical sales and net income figures for Joe’s Fly-By-Night Oil:

Year Sales Net Income

2008 $8,200 $1,500
2009 $8,000 $1,400
2010 $9,000 $1,600
2011 $10,000 $1,800

Comment on the results displayed on the graph.

• Prepare a pie chart of Joe’s Fly-By-Night Oil’s expense distribution for 2011 and comment on the results displayed.

• Prepare a pie chart of Joe’s Fly-By-Night Oil’s asset distribution for Dec 31, 2011 and comment on the results displayed.

• Prepare a pie chart of Joe’s Fly-By-Night Oil’s capital structure for Dec 31, 2011
and comment on the results displayed.

Income Statement 2012


Sales 10,000

Cost of Goods Sold 4,000

GP 6,000

SG&A Expenses 3,000

EBIT 3,000

Intrest 200

Before Tax Earnings 2,800

Taxes 1,000

Net Income 1,800

EPS $1.80

Dividends $600

Addition to retained Earnings $1,200




Balance sheet 2012


Cash $5,000

A/R 3,000

Inventory 17,000

Current Assests 25,000

Equipment 27,000

Less accumulated Dep. (12,000)

Equipment Net 15,000

Total Assets 40,000

Liabilities and Equity

A/p 17,000

Current Liabilities 17,000

Long Term Debt 3,000

Total Liabilities 20,000

Common Stock 7,000

Retained Earnings 13,000

Total Equity 20,000

Total Liabilities & Equity 40,000



1. write a script that creates and calls a stored procedure named

1. Write a script that creates and calls a stored procedure named spInsertCategory. First, code a statement that creates a procedure that adds a new row to the Categories table. To do that, this procedure should have one parameter for the category name.

Code at least two EXEC statements that test this procedure. (Note that this table doesn’t allow duplicate category names.)

Umkc hlsc 430 health program management quiz 5

• Question 1 
  What is the main function of the National Institutes of Health?

• Question 2
  Cost-efficiency evaluates marginal benefits in relation to

• Question 3 
  What is the main intent of the Stark laws?
• Question 4
  Telemedicine technology that allows a specialist located at a distance to directly interview and examine a patient is referred to as
• Question 5
  This made additional resources available to the FDA, and resulted in a shortened approval process for new drugs.

• Question 6 
  The utilization of technology has a greater impact on total health care expenditures than the cost of acquiring technology.

• Question 7
  The ACA of 2010 places some restrictions on the licensing of new biological products.

• Question 8
  What is the main advantage of interoperability within an electronic health records (EHR) system?

• Question 9
  The asynchronous form of telemedicine uses _____ technology.
• Question 10
  The point at which marginal benefits equal marginal costs.
• Question 11
  What is the role of an institutional review board (IRB)?

• Question 12
  Which of the following has the greatest impact on system-wide health care costs?

• Question 13
  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires
• Question 14
  What main purpose do Clinical Practice Guidelines serve?
• Question 15
  Supply-side rationing.
• Question 16
  Which department of the DHHS supports research on health care quality, cost, and access?

• Question 17
  The FDA was given the authority to review the effectiveness and safety of a new drug before it could be marketed.

• Question 18
  Limitations on the diffusion and utilization of technology generally result in harmful effects on a nation’s population.
• Question 19
  Evaluation of the appropriateness of medical technology.
• Question 20
  American beliefs and values favor the development and use of new medical technology despite its cost.

• Question 21
  At the flat of the curve,


Acc – altidore inc. operates a calendar-year-end business

Altidore Inc. operates a calendar-year-end business that suffers from dramatic seasonal variation in taxable income. For example, it often operates at a net loss for the first two quarters of the year and then operates profitably for the last two quarters and, for as long as anyone can remember, finishes the year with taxable income. The new tax director has been asked to help calculate the deferred tax assets at the end of the first quarter. After looking at the quarterly loss, he claims that since there is no net income, there are no deferred tax assets because the effective tax rate is zero. (Carrybacks and carryforwards are not allowed in this jurisdiction.) Is the tax director correct in his assessment of the effective tax rate for calculating the deferred tax assets?

The Relevant Facts, Specific Issues, and Conclusions sections of the memo should be thorough but concise. The key portion of the memo will be the Support section, which should be properly supported by appropriate regulation citations (be specific with section, number, paragraph, and subparagraph as applicable).

Cmgt 410 project planning and implementation


CMGT 410 Project Planning and Implementation




Individual Assignment, Project Proposal


Discussion Questions 1 and 2




Individual Assignment, Project Task List


Team Assignment, Project Charter


Discussion Question 1 and 2




Individual Assignment, Project Budget


Team Assignment, Project Schedule


Discussion Question 1 and 2




Individual Assignment, Project Controls


Team Assignment, Project Costing


Discussion Question 1 and 2




Individual Assignment, Project Postmortem


Team Assignment, Project Evaluation and Control


Team Assignment, PowerPoint Slide


Discussion Question 1 and 2

Assume that manufacturing overhead for glassman company

Assume that manufacturing overhead for Glassman Company in the previous exercise consisted of the

following activities and costs:

Setup (1,000 setup hours) ………………… $144,000

Production scheduling (400 batches)…………. 60,000

Production engineering (60 change orders) …….. 120,000

Supervision (2,000 direct labor hours) ………… 56,000

Machine maintenance (12,000 machine hours) ….. 84,000

Total activity costs ……………………. $464,000

The following additional data were provided for Job 845:

Direct materials costs…………………….. $7,000

Direct labor cost (5 Milling direct labor hours;

35 Finishing direct labor hours) ……………. $1,000

Setup hours …………………………… 5 hours

Production scheduling ……………………. 1 batch

Machine hours used (25 Milling machine hours;

5 Finishing machine hours)……………….. 30 hours

Production engineering …………………… 3 change orders

a. Calculate the cost per unit of activity driver for each activity cost category.

b. Calculate the cost of Job 845 using ABC to assign the overhead costs.

c. Calculate the cost of Job 845 using the plantwide overhead rate based on machine hours calculated

in the previous exercise.

d. Calculate the cost of Job 845 using a machine hour departmental overhead rate for the Milling

Department and a direct labor hour overhead rate for the Finishing Department


Milling Department manufacturing overhead………………………….$344,000

Finishing Department manufacturing overhead ………………………..$120,000

Machine hours used

Milling Department ………………………………………….10,000 hours

Finishing Department ………………………………………..2,000 hours

Labor hours used

Milling Department ………………………………………….1,000 hours

Finishing Department ………………………………………..1,000 hour