Case study | Sociology homework help

Melissa and Brian work for a human services organization called People Helping Others (PHO) that focuses on helping individuals with intellectual disabilities. As part of their responsibilities, Melissa and Brian help others with training programs, housing placement, and job placement.  As a matter of ethical practice and a condition of employment, they both signed a confidentiality agreement not to disclose information about their clients to anyone outside of PHO. After some time, Brian resigned from his position to work for another human services organization like PHO. Despite Brian’s departure, he and Melissa remained good friends having met for the occasional lunch to catch up on one another’s personal lives. After some time, Melissa noticed that fewer clients were scheduling time with her as if they were “dropping off the planet,” and she became concerned as she was paid by the number of hours spent with each client. Melissa somehow learned that Brian was “poaching” her clients so they could receive services from his organization. After some considerable thought, Melissa decided to confront Brian about what she perceives as his unethical behavior in taking her clients.  

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