Case study 3 | Business & Finance homework help


Read the Case Study “Cutting Edge Quality: Cutco Knives for Life”

Using only peer-reviewed publications (e.g., periodicals, journals), prepare an APA Report addressing the following:

A summary of the case.

List a series of positive attributes that both the product and the organization exhibit and that can be marketable.

Choose at least two traditional promotional strategies (exclude direct sales) and explain why these channels are the best options to move the product from a “push” to “pull strategy.”

Choose at least three digital communication channels and explain how a marketing managing strategies to communicate the benefits and positive attributes of both the product and the company.

Discuss at least two legal and social issues in Internet marketing that apply the most to this type of product and organization. Explain the consequences for the organization when these issues emerge.

Close this paper with an analysis in which you apply the discussed concepts to appraise critically the importance of the managerial issues addressed in this paper. Use real examples to explain the importance of these concepts.

Include at least three references with your APA report

Use ” Dimensions of Marketing Strategy” 

Case study is attached below

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