Case briefs | Law homework help

I need you to complete 4 briefs in total (one on each page) which are:



  1. Brief #1 So. Prestige Industries, Inc. vs. Independence Plating Corp.
  2. Brief #2 NCR Corp. vs. Korala Associates, Ltd
  3. Brief #3 Bad Frog Brewery, Inc. vs. NY State Liquor Auth.,
  4. Brief #4 Lucy vs. Zehmer 

I have provided samples for each brief that was completed by other student. Please do something exactly like that and include all 5 categories: 1) Facts (about 5 sentences), 2)

the most relevant legal Issue, 3)the rule of law applied in the case (use the rule copy pasted exactly from the samples is fine), 4) Application or Analysis of the rule (how the court applies the rule to the facts of the case), and 5) Conclusion (decision of the court). 


Same length as samples.


Due in 24 hours maximum!









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