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Students will select one case study from the list of case studies below. The case studies are in the textbook.  Students will then prepare a written case analysis. The written case analysis should be typed, double spaced, and approximately 3-4 pages in length. The written case analysis requirements are as follows:

 1.  Identify and analyze the problems and/or issues in the case. 

2.  Describe and analyze multiple alternative solutions to problems and/or issues in the case 

3.   From the alternative solutions pick the one you think will most address the problems and/or issues in the case and describe how you would implement the solution. 

To address each of these points in the written case analysis, sources outside of the case will need to be used.  Provide citations for each outside source used in the case analysis. Section headings should be used in the paper to make the paper easier to follow and read. The paper should follow APA formatting.

Please submit the paper as a Word Document (do not use Pages).

Case Studies (select one)

(How Target is Aiming for Competitive Wages (Page 379) )