Case analysis, human resource management


1. In this individual assignment which is based on the sporting goods franchise case in the textbook,  students will play the role of an HR professional who is asked to develop and communicate a human resources plan to address labour shortage or surplus for the franchise owner. 
2. Students will conduct research and apply labour supply and demand forecasting concepts and techniques they learned to create this HR plan. Students will then write an executive summary business report which documents the results of their research and their HR plan including (but not limited to) addressing the case questions in the textbook. Your executive summary report must be a Word document (Maximum of 1500 words, excluding cover page and references page, APA standards).


 Students will also complete a video recorded 10-minute presentation which logically documents the results of their research and their HR plans to be presented to the franchise owner. The presentation will provide the owner with a high-level summary of the management report, rationale for action, and the recommended HR plan. The presentation must be 8-10 PowerPoint slides, 12-point font excluding cover page and references page. 

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