Business report and summary task

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1. Business Report – 10 Pages – APA format. I have attached the Assignment#2 with guidelines and grading rubric in it. Please follow all the guidelines.

Please refer attached  textbook  Richard_L_Hughes, chapter 13 and PPT chapter 13 for more idea. Below are some highlights.

–please avoid using I/We

–Avoid personal experience

–Use passive voice

–think about trends

2.One page summary on topic SMART goal setting. PFA text Richard_L_Hughes for reference(Chapter 12). Just a one page essay is fine.. no format needed.

 Choose one goal which is important for you to achieve in order to enhance your career growth. Check it against all five criteria of the SMART model one by one and adjust the goal whenever it is needed. Then compare the initial formulation with the final one. How much has it been changed? Do you find this framework useful?