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words 600-900

According to Steve Mariotti and Caroline Glackin (2013), an entrepreneur is a “person who assumes the risks of managing and organizing a business for the sake of potential rewards.” Many of the products or services that people use today were created by entrepreneurs. Many large computer companies and popular social networks are examples of successful entrepreneurship, and many small, local businesses (e.g., coffee shops, computer repair services, maid services, and private gyms) are examples as well.

Complete the following:

Task 3, Part 1: Profile an entrepreneur who has created a product or service that you currently use.

  • Refer to the infographic titled “Developing Business Prospects,” and consider the process that this entrepreneur used. Create a write-up about your entrepreneur that summarizes what you learned about this person and the process he or she used.

Task 3, Part 2: Return to your Seelio portfolio and add a work that includes the following:

  • Add your write-up about the entrepreneur that you created in Task 3, Part 1 as an attachment.
  • In the description portion of the work, compare and contrast your attributes to the attributes of the entrepreneur whom you profiled.