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Topic: Why does a manager need to help create a learning organization?

A manager in this century leads by developing an engaged workforce to achieve organizational goals by effectively and efficiently maximizing individual potential. That means understanding an employee’s individual personal qualities and abilities as well as their cultural/generational values.  Chinn is anxious to get the new hire take on the situation that has been a recent problem for management. He has outlined the situation in the attachment below titled VMI Recent History and Situation. He wants you to create an email to the HR President (your instructor) and summarize how you would lead the resolution of the issues facing VMI staff. 

BMGT 464 Virginia Meats, Inc. Recent History & Situation.docx,%20Inc.%20Recent%20History%20%26%20Situation.docx


1. By SATURDAY, complete the following:

  • Identify the morale and motivation issues for the production workers.
  • Identify the morale and motivation issues for the company workers as a whole. 
  • Provide a summary and analysis of the impact these issues have on the production department and the company as a whole with respect to job performance and job commitment.
  • Using the analysis as a guide, how would using a learning organization approach to leading help resolve the issues for the short and long term benefit of the organization?
  • Define and explain three ways that you would lead the resolution of the issues for better job performance and job commitment.
  • You must use course material to support your responses and APA in-text citations with a reference list.

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