Assignment – physical security | Information Systems homework help

Physical security provides various forms of deterrents. Using proper APA formatting write 4 pages, not including your title or reference pages addressing the following.

Part 1

  1. What are some of the physical barriers provided by CCTV and chain link fences as it relates to discouraging criminal activities?
  2. Should the designs and features of physical barriers be considered when business owners are planning to install such systems at their businesses? Why or why not?

Part 2

Fire is one of the most devastating elements that can destroy the physical components of an entity quickly. Explain some of the fire protocols that should be implemented into the:

  1. Administrative and planning phase
  2. General physical inspection phase
  3. Hazardous material inspection phase
  4. Alarm system inspection phase

This assignment requires 10 different in-text citations along with correspondences in reference page. All citations must be from different sources. You may cite from the reading material only once. 

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