Assignment: infographic and reflection on pln

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Please complete each part separate and through or points will be taken off.

For Part A of this Assignment, you will create an infographic, an image that illustrates how the people, organizations, and resources that you currently use form your present Personal Learning Network (PLN). For Part B of this Assignment, you will evaluate professional educational technology resources.

Part A: Course Project: Infographic

An infographic is explained in the Course Overview video located in this module’s Learning Resources. Consider how you currently relate to, and fit within, the field of educational technology.

Review the PLN Handout located in this module’s Learning Resources, and visit the websites dedicated to PLNs. Read the Seaman and Wagner articles, and view the multimedia pieces that include an introduction to the course and examples of infographics. Also read the document on infographics as it provides suggestions for your own PLN along with directions for creating one. Please review the Assignment rubric to see the requirements for your infographic.

Create an infographic representing your current PLN. Search for templates on infographics on the World Wide Web that will help you create your PLN. Include the following in your infographic:

· A minimum of two scholars and/or thought leaders

· A minimum of two practitioners

· One social media community

· Two professional organizations where you can connect with other members of your profession

· Two professional conferences where you can connect with other members of your profession

· Two authors you like to follow

Throughout this course you will be asked to revisit and add to your PLN as you continue to grow and network with leaders in the field of educational technology.

Part B: Reflection on PLN

In one paragraph each:

· (#1) Identify the scholars, thought leaders, practitioners, social media communities, organizations, publications, and/or conferences that are most attractive to you. Share why they are important to you. In Module 2, you will explain how you expanded your PLN to include some of these resources.

· (#2) Identify which organizations, publications, conferences, and social media communities are recognized as reputable sources within the field. Include each group’s or publication’s focus and/or strength.

· (#3) Based on your reading of Chapters 1 and 10 in the Definitions book, and after watching the two videos in this module’s Learning Resources, discuss your view on the title of your field as it relates to educational technology. Explain whether you believe educational technology is the best title or whether you prefer one of the others.

This module’s submission should include the following:

· Cover page

· Page 1: Infographic (single-page illustration presented within a Word document (e.g., a “.jpg” file inserted into a page))

· Page 2–3: Answers to Part B: Reflection on PLN bulleted items: three well-written paragraphs

(Note that in scholarly writing, a paragraph is typically 3–7 sentences in length and should include citations.)

· Page 4: References: Include the references for all of the material you cited in your reflections using APA formatting.