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HHPH 410: Planning and Organization of Health Promotion — Homework #1

Homework Reading Assignments: 

1. Chapter 3 & 4 in Textbook

2. Summary Program Planning Document 

Part 1:

· Go to 

· Pick a health condition that is related to your groups topic (example: Chronic Disease – pick a “chronic disease condition”). 

· Provide the following answers based on what you find 

a. What is the goal listed for this condition? 

b. Looking at the general objectives for this condition, what is one objective that through our Virtual health fair, we can work to promote through education and awareness? 

c. Thinking about our virtual healthfair, list four things your group can do to help meet the objective you listed

Part 2:

· Go to

· Enter the County you live in to explore “how healthy your community is” 

· Using the information from your County Health Rankings (CHR) community search, pick two of the reported measures to explore further (ex: a “quality of life measure” and a “Health Behavior measure”) 

· Provide the following answers  (a-d) based on what you find:  

a. What is the data source that CHR used to inform that “measure? 

b. Briefly mention how often is this data collected and what method they use to collect this data. 

c. In three to four sentences, talk about how you could use this data source to inform your needs assessment research? (hint: Review Part 1 of your Needs Assessment Project) 

d. Briefly define what a needs assessment is and why it is important in program planning? 


ü Be sure your submission assignment is written and formatted per APA 6th Ed (See resource folder on D2L for guidelines)

o Cover page, header, page # 

o Citations: in-text & reference page

§ Reading assignments, book chapters etc. 

ü Submit your finalized homework report on D2L (Homework Folder Tab) in the appropriate assignment link by the due date. 

Below is my example for Part 1: 

Health condition: Pregnancy and Childbirth 

Goal: Prevent pregnancy complications and maternal deaths and improve women’s health before, during, and after pregnancy.

Objective: Increase the proportion of proportion of pregnant women who receive early and adequate prenatal care from 76.4% to 80.5%

Four potential Health Fair activities: 

1. Provide health education about the importance of prenatal care to attendees

2. Find a vendor that offers these services to come talk about how to access them 

3. Activity 3 

4. Activity 4 

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