Assignment: annotated bibliography 8115 | Criminal homework help

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 topic is 

 What are the factors related to African American males being targets of police brutality at disproportionate rates? 

As you find and read articles for your literature review, it is important to keep track of what content is in each and how it relates to your Dissertation. One way to do this is to keep a running annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography includes a list of resources, each with a brief summary of its content and usefulness. Another way to keep track is by using a matrix to summarize articles. You can find an example of such a matrix on the Walden Writing Center web article “Literature Reviews.” Click on “Organizational Tools (Matrices)” and then look at the sample matrices; there is a template there for your use in writing your annotated bibliography.

To learn about the components of annotated bibliographies, review the Writing Resources in this week’s Learning Resources.

Using the Walden Library, search for and retrieve articles to include in your literature review, which will become chapter 2 of your Dissertation.

In 4–5 pages, cite and annotate 10 articles from peer-reviewed journals that you would include in your literature review. In your annotation, be sure to include an explanation of how the articles relate to your Dissertation topic. Use APA style and format.

apa required 

turn it in required (90 percent orginal )