Assignment 2 | Marketing homework help

Council Post: The Key To A Marketer’s Success: Understanding Consumer MotivationsTake the mystery out of your marketing efforts by understanding your consumers’ motivations.Radhika DuggalForbes

COVID-19 changed consumer behavior and marketing strategyAnvil Media’s Kent Lewis explores five impactful changes in consumer behavior caused by the coronavirus pandemic – and how marketers should react and adapt to them.SmartBrief

Please answer the following questions.

1. Describe how understanding the consumer is essential to success in marketing. Please use one external reference in your submission. Wikipedia is not acceptable. 

2. How has the pandemic and Covid-19 in general changed the way that consumers evaluate their desire to shop? How has it changed their shopping habits? Name one company that has seen success from changed shopping habits during the pandemic and one that has not. Pleased provide a reason for your answers. 

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