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Imagine you are a practicing archaeologist who has just discovered a never-before uncovered, un-plundered Egyptian tomb.  What tomb type have you uncovered and what treasures do you find inside?

For this Unit Three Research Topic, you will do the following:

  1. Search the web and find an example of a real Egyptian tomb (it cannot be one we studied in this unit, however).
  2. Search the web and find THREE (3) examples of real Egyptian works of art that you will use as examples of the types of objects discovered in an Egyptian tomb.  These should be examples that are similar with those discussed in your textbook and Lesson File, but CANNOT be any specific works of art discussed this Unit (in either the assigned readings or lesson file).

    Also, each type of work you choose must be different than the others. You might consider both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Base this on the types of objects we studied in this unit associated with Egyptian tombs. They must be appropriate to the type of tomb and period during which that tomb was made, however.

  3. Next, write a 3-4 page description and explanation of the type of tomb, who was buried inside, and the objects you found in the tomb based on the three examples you researched.  Finally, briefly describe how the objects found would have served or been used in a funerary context for the afterlife.  Although this is a fictional tomb invented by you, the type and description of the tomb, the type of person buried inside, and how the objects you found would relate to that persons death and use in the afterlife, should be derived from what you learned this Unit!
  4. Finally, to submit your assignment, post your essay with necessary images of your objects to the blog linked above. Do NOT attach a file.

Students must cite their sources at the end of their discussion board post.  Please use either MLA or Chicago Style format.

This Discussion Board Research Topic will be worth up to one hundred (100) points, and will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • following all the steps and completing the assignment fully and correctly
  • the veracity of the types of objects chosen, and how clearly and accurately they are related to what was learned and discussed this Unit in regards to Egyptian art and their tomb art and architecture
  • the clarity of thought in the writing and organization of the submission
  • using proper spelling and grammar