Answer discussion questions and include an apa citation intext


  1. What have you learned about development of gender stereotypes and about sex differences in self-esteem that helps explain why women’s progress in entering male-dominated professions has been slow?
  2. Age of first intercourse tends to differ by ethnicity.Locate a peer-reviewed journal article using one of  library databases  to determine some of the cultural factors might be involved in these differences. What stereotypes are used to account for ethnic differences?Summarize your findings.Be sure to cite your peer-reviewed journal reference using APA style.
  3. Locate a peer-reviewed research article (using one of PVAMU library databases)related to human sexuality in middle adulthood.Identify two issues that are associated with human sexuality in middle adulthood.Describe each issue, provide supportive references from articles, and describe how these issues impact couples and family functioning.How would one or both of these issues impact other areas of a person’s life (e.g. work life, community involvement, etc.)?
  4. Discuss changing attitudes toward masturbation and sexual intercourse from the nineteenth century to the present. Do you think you would have been able to discern the cultural values and taboos concerning masturbation and sexual intercourse taboos if you had lived in the nineteenth century? Why or Why not? How would you evaluate the cultural values underlying contemporary attitudes toward masturbation and sexual intercourse?
  5. Discuss differences between domination and submission and sexual sadism and sexual masochism; differences between cross-dressing and transvestism. What makes one behavior atypical but the other paraphilic? What underlying standards are being applied? Note also that these standards change: masturbation was once considered pathological.

Pregnancy and Marriage. More than 20 percent of women are pregnant at the time they marry. What is the role of pregnancy in marital decisions?

Treatments for infertility have become more refined and effective in the past few years. Since Dolly the sheep was cloned, people have become interested and concerned about if and when a person will be cloned. Recently a team of Japanese doctors announced that they are working on cloning a human being. What do you think of cloning as a treatment for infertility? What are the issues around cloning a human being? How is cloning different from other infertility treatments?

  1. Discussion Question 13.1

Breast Cancer. Discuss the impact of breast cancer on self-image and relationships. How can this issue impact a women’s life?

Discussion Question 13.2.

Prostate and Testicular Cancer. Discuss the sexual issues men have around male reproductive cancers, such as erectile dysfunctions and changes in body image. How can these type issues impact a man’s relationship with a spouse, girlfriend, partner, etc.? 

  1. Disorders/Dysfunctions.Discuss the differences among disorders, dissatisfactions, and dysfunctions. When does lack of erection or orgasm become defined as a sexual dysfunction? Is the decision culturally relative?

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