A company produces cars in atlanta, boston, chicago, and los

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         A company produces cars in Atlanta, Boston,   Chicago, and Los Angeles. The cars are then shipped   to   warehouses in Memphis, Milwaukee, New York City, Denver, and San Francisco.   The number of   cars   available at each plant is given in Table 75.   Each   warehouse needs to have available the number of cars given in Table 76.   The   distance (in miles) between the cities is given in Table 77.   a   Assuming that the cost (in dollars) of shipping a car   equals the distance between two cities,   determine   an optimal shipping schedule.   b   Assuming that the cost (in dollars) of shipping a car   equals the square root of the distance   between   two cities, determine an optimal shipping schedule.    

           Plant /   Warehouse Memphis Milwaukee N.Y. Denver San Fransisco Source Capacity   Atlanta $371  $761  $841  $1,398  $2,496  5000   Boston $1,296  $1,050  $206  $1,949  $3,095  6000   Chicago $530  $87  $802  $996  $2,142  4000   L.A. $1,817  $2,012  $2,786  $1,059  $379  3000   Destination Demand 6000 4000 4000 2000 2000