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1. When a print needs more information, a table called a _______ shows details about doors, windows, plumbing and electrical sizes, and model numbers.
A. schedule
B. ladder diagram
C. schematic
D. controller
2. The most common thread type used today for nuts, bolts, and screws is the _______, which uses V-shaped grooves.
A. Modified Worm
B. Unified National
C. ACME thread
D. Sharp V thread
3. Prints for electrically controlled hydraulic systems are divided by function. One print is for the fluid-control system, and a
(n) _______ is for the electrical wiring.
A. output device
B. flow configuration
C. ladder diagram
D. variable displacement print
4. A(n) _______ included in a set of prints cuts the building horizontally, showing heating equipment, doors and windows,
and room sizes.
A. plan view
B. ladder diagram
C. site plan
D. orthographic projection
5. A bolt on a print is listed as a
–32 without any additional abbreviations. What extra abbreviations would the bolt most
likely have?
6. Referring to the figure above, the identification 24″ O.C. refers to
A. 24 inches of the referenced component must be coated with metal oxide.
B. the type of steel girders to be used.
C. the reference features being spaced 24 inches between their center points.
D. the original width of the referenced component.
7. A site plan indicates water lines as
A. lines made from a series of long dashes followed by two short dashes.
B. lines made of short dashed lines.
C. a solid line with the letter W spaced periodically in the line.
D. a solid line marked H2O.
8. On a site plan for a building layout, surveyors have established an elevation mark on a print that reads REF 596.656 BM. In this case, BM most likely means
A. a geographic marker on the site.
B. a bill of materials.
C. the elevation of the top of a roof.
D. a reference to a surveyor’s benchmark.
9. Pressurized reservoirs that provide fluid to hydraulic equipment circuits are called
A. output actuators.
B. confined pistons.
C. pneumatic pools.
D. accumulators.
10. The horizontal line used in basic welding symbols is called a _______ line.
A. geometric
B. reference
C. leader
D. tail
11. To get a smoother surface finish, use a(n) _______ RMS number next to the machining symbol.
A. larger
B. radial
C. angular
D. smaller
12. The most common thread type used for most fastener applications are _______ threads.
A. common class
B. class 1
C. class 2
D. Class 3