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You will devise a three-year projection of your cash flow analysis and balance sheet for your business. Assure that these statements integrate with the P&L you did in Unit 8. You will also use the information you have collected to do a breakeven analysis.

Though not graded this week, record your 60 second (or less) elevator pitch for your company because the recording will need to be uploaded to the Discussion in a timely manner for the Unit 10 Discussion.

You can use the audio feature located in the Unit 10 Discussion area to record an audio presentation (see recorded instructions below), or you can use any program you choose such as Audacity®, QuickTime®, or Jing® to record it.

Assignment checklist:

  1. Complete the Cash Flow Analysis (section 6.2) of your business plan outline
  2. Complete the Balance Sheet (section 6.3) of your business plan outline
  3. Complete the Break Even Analysis (section 6.4) of your business plan outline
  4. Complete the assumptions that back up your analyses (sections 6.5.2, 6.5.3, 6.5.4) of your business plan outline

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