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To prepare for writing your final briefing document please be sure to read chapter 11 of the E-text this week.

Typical intelligence analysts perform the following functions on a  daily basis: they review and analyze raw intelligence, draft  assessments, and disseminate those assessments to policymakers as  written products and through oral briefings. Chapter 11 will describe  the various written products produced by the IC and discuss how  intelligence analysts write for and brief policymakers.

Writing and briefing for the IC demands a certain form of  communication from analysts. The guidelines in this chapter are a  starting point for understanding analytical writing and briefing. Each  intelligence agency has its own style, which analysts must follow, and  once an agency hires an analyst they learn to write and brief in the  style of their organization. Several key principles, however, pertain to  intelligence writing and briefing regardless of the agency or  circumstance. Writing concisely, using a BLUF format, and speaking to  meet the decision-maker’s needs are universally useful skills in the  world of intelligence.


This semester we will be engaging in the drafting of an intelligence  briefing document as a final project. The briefing document will follow  the typical format of a briefing document .The Briefing  will require  each student to perform open-source intelligence gathering. 

For this assignment your intelligence gathering will be focused on: The current situation in the Arctic and its impact on the national security of the United States.

Please be sure to research the national security implications of the  above listed topic and present them as an intelligence briefing.

Using open source intelligence methods you will provide sufficient information to answer the following questions:

The following elements of the policy brief are to be included in the assignment and are mandatory.

Title (Subject)

Summary(summarize the briefing document)


The body (the main text)

Policy implications ( what happens if we do nothing, if we do any specific action, The Pros/ Cons)

Recommendations ( you should state here what you feel is the appropriate action)


Feel free to use maps and be sure to use primary sources where possible. You must use at least three primary sources.

This  final project paper must be contained  to 4 pages with a minimum word count of 1000 words. You are required to  submit a briefing document on no more than 4 pages.

All work not your own must be properly cited APA.

Avoid large block quotes

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