3 assignments + 1 extra file for reference

I have 3 assignments that are due in 10 hours.

1) I have a simple straight forward about music journal with 200 words with it’s prompt. (Only for me)

2) I have coming up with 2 questions and 4 replies (for me and my friend)

3) Create MEME/GIF/PIC that is related to our topic. The prompt clearly tells us the topic. It is what methods do we use to study our past. Look at one of the methods and create 2 meme/gifs about it 

Please create 2 of them + a single paragraph to explain the gif/meme/picture. (for me and my friend)

Please use the links i have attached to the assignment 3 to help you create the meme/gif/picture.

– I have attached an example file showing you how other students created their meme/gif/picture in order for you to create something similar to their work. The examples are for old assignments not our current one. So their topic is different than ours.

– As you can see on Zip assignment_3 that the grader deducted some points because he said that the pic/gif created is not related to our topic.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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