1pg- organizational behavior questions | Management homework help

The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the effects of structure on organizational efficiency. Each question (total of 2) must have 2 complete and fully proofread paragraphs (total of 4 paragraphs). Use the following steps:


Question 1- Creative cards, INC., is a small but growing company, started 10 years ago, by Angela Naom, a graphic designer. The company has added employees over the years but without a master plan. Now Angela wants to reorganize the company. The current structure of Creative Cards, INC., is shown in the figure. Review the organizational chart, and identify at least 10 problems with the design of Creative Cards, Inc. Be sure to consider work specialization, chain of command, span of control, centralization, and formalization in developing the answer.



Question 2- Create a new organizational design that you think would help the company operate more efficiently and effectively.



PDF ATTACHED with graph

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