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this project has 3 part:

1: write 2 pages answer for assignment 1

2: write 1 pages for discussion answer

3: reply 2 stu’s discussion part total 1 pages

Please use 3 words doc to upload ur answer

sign each question number of ur answer   total 2 pages

assignment :1. Master negotiator Roger Dawson wrote an article for Harvard’s Negotiation newsletter called   “Secrets of Power Negotiating”, from his best-selling book of the same name. (see attached “Never Say Yes.) His strong advice included the admonition “never say yes to the first offer”. Think of an example when that would be good advice and also give an example when it’s a bad idea. 

2.  Assume you are shopping for a late model used car at a dealership. The salesperson approaches and asks how they may help you, what are you looking for etc. You respond by saying a reliable used car, nothing more. The salesperson asks, “how much can you spend?” How should you respond? From the attached article “How to Negotiate the Price of a Car” what’s the most useful strategy to obtain a fair deal?

 (2-3 paragraphs will ordinarily suffice to answer these questions)

Discussion 1:

Read the article in Week 1 Supporting Material:  “Even at Megastores, Hagglers Find No Price Is Set in Stone” and the attached articles above. 

Negotiating strictly over price-sometimes referred to as “old-fashioned haggling”,   is making a comeback. Usually reserved for flexible pricing regarding homes and cars, many “list price only” goods and services are now negotiable.  Even furniture, appliances, electronics and other medium to     big-ticket items      are now up for discussion. See what happens at Best Buy when you simply say you like an item, but the price is too high       …What previously non – negotiable items might be the subject of a bargain in your experience?How was the negotiation handled?  (5 points)


REPLY stus work, I will post within 3 days, but u need to finish dis part at first