1 page summary | Management homework help

-Please finish by Tuesday before 11am. 

-This is my group assignment for a summary of the article ” The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy “

My mission is to summary “Assessing The Five Forces” From Page 6-17 (I highlight the subtitle on yellow, read all those subtilte). No introduction and conclusion need. 

1 page summary to analysis the five forces (page 6-17), example each of the five forces in detail (Buyers, Suppliers, Substitutes, New Entrants, Rivalry)  

-Cited with page #

P.S: I know this article is hard to understand. If you don’t understand, you can learn these five forces online, there will be a lot of information. For example:



But just don’t directly copy online or use online source to do the summary, this is a article summary.  Do your own work, because my professor will do plagiarize check. 

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